Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's been so long.

I haven't updated my blog for so long!
I have to apologise loads


^^ Do you like my rings? :)

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Carina said...

cuuute coat! love the colour with the purple stripe :)
love your rings, i have the cross one :P xx

lydia-lee said...

amazing rings!

chekc out my blog!

Anne said...

i have the same coat, it looks so good on you!

mysterygirl said...

i adore that coat! and the rings are really pretty

Meagan said...

Love the coat and the bag! Great outfit to come back with!

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I've always thought of myself as a shoe girl but I think I'm turning into a coat girl!! I love this one. I'm a little annoyed we dont have top shop. Canada has nothing! I'm going to pout now! hehe


..R May A.. said...

the cross ring is gorgeous!
another stunning look :)

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Love the wing ring (lol that rhymes)

Check out my blog!

Buky said...

I love that look!
I wold use a belt too.

love said...

love the bag!
i am now following you on blogger and on bloglovin' (^w^)/ yay~!

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