Monday, 28 June 2010

Vogue Wardrobe Remix Entry...

Hey guys,
SO I entered the Vogue Wardrobe Remix Competition on Chictopia, because it seemed like a massive opportunity to show your style and how it can be mixed in many ways.
I item of clothing i chose to mix was the

I chose to buy this particular playsuit because I was intrigued by the Keyhole cut out on the chest.




Sunday, 6 June 2010

Maxi Love

So I went to church today in my Maxi DRESS :)
I love maxi dresses, but I thought it would not work because I am really short (5ft1)!
But then I saw Nicole Richie in her amazing maxi's and I thought what the heck?

Nicole Richie wore maxi dresses non-stop throughout her pregnancy and she looked amazing!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Revison=The DULLEST thing ever...

Psychology revision is REALLY starting to annoy me, I had to get out the house I was loosing my mind. I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago.

I love the stripe detail. So cute!

^I love the shape it makes when you spin! (haha!)

I love this bag, bought it from primark for my trip to Rome. It makes me feel so summery.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Todays Outfit!

Welcome to my first outfit post, one of many to come :)
Ok, so in England its the Half Term and I am really psyched because I only have 3 MORE EXAMS TO GO! woo! i cannot wait for them to be over :)

So I have been revising my butt off for psychology, but i get so distracted… :/ which is not good as there is sooo much to learn. I bought this dress ages ago, but they didnt have my size, so being silly little me I decided to get the only size they had left which was 2 sizes to big :( (a very silly thing to do) But it’s ok, because I put ribbons on the back so that I could tie it up :) and so now it fits YAY! haha. I love this dress so much i just had to wear it somewhere. So my sister and I went for a walk to the shops. I am so proud of my sister she is only 5 years old, and she has taken all my photos (kinda sad I know, but I don't have a tripod or anything like that, so she is my only option haha)


When i saw this dress on Alexa Chung last year I knew I had to buy it :)


Along with this dress, I wore my new Topshop 'fairground' necklace, its so sweet.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I have always said that i would never start a blog. I just didn't understand it; i thought they were kinda vain. But now I have succumb to the pressure haha! I belong to the amazing community that is CHICTOPIA and a lot of people on there have blogs and they are all amazing, so i thought heck i will give it a go! I will try to make this blog mostly about fashion and how it affects my daily style, but i will incorporate little snippits of my everyday life :)