Sunday, 13 March 2011

On a clear day you can see forever.

I recently bought AA riding pants and I think I may be in love. They may not compliment my legs well, but I don’t care. They are the comfiest trousers I’ve ever bought, I never want to take them off! I chose the safe option by combining the pants with a plain white blouse, next time I’ll go for something more adventurous ;)

Nail colours this week:
VENDETTA- chanel
JERMYN STREET- nails inc

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Dionne said...

the riding pants are cute, i think they suit you! Love the colour : )

Paper Heart Girl said...

OMGGGGGGAWD! I seriously love that outfit! I seem to always want your clothes! But, especially those riding trousers! ahhhh, I'm very jel! xxxxx

I'm doing a giveway on my blog - If you'd like to enter, please do! xxxxxx

margaritats said...

great pants!!love your outfit!

Anna Bananorama said...

the pants suit you :)
Im going to recreate that nail look!

Steffie said...

I love your pants!! and ur nails are super chic!:)

Emma said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! You said you were gonna follow me, but I can't find you in my followerslist.. did it worked?? :)

Anyway, I like your blog! These pants look great with the white blouse! I'm following!

x Emma

Sisters and Sisters said...

Like and love this outfit!
Your pants and nails are so beautiful!

H&C from Amsterdam

Jess Zelazko said...

i love the pants and oxfords! your look it's fantastic, love it! i follow you obviously! thanks for following and coment.

Mitzi said...

You look great, I think the pants suit you perfectly! Love them with the blouse too :)
Also, your nails look awesome! You inspire me to start painting my nails again!
M xo

Meg said...

Really gorgeous look! love it! Thank you for the comment! Love the nails by the way! So awesome!

civil.A said...

hey dear!just loved your shoes!(and nails)i'm a follower now so if you want you can follow me!keep on the good job:)!

Live said...

I just found your blog through Chictopia, and I have to say, I just love your simple and effortless style. You always look so put together, and this outfit is just so awesome (especially with your legs...)

I've been looking for a nailpolish that is kinda taupe-brown-dusty-ish myself, what shade is the one you're using in the photo?

(Oh, and I'm definetely following you!)

ash said...

sweet brown color, love your pants, it's gorgeous.
Lovely outfit :)


Love that blouse, you look great!

Reg Rodriguez said...

the riding pants are perfect on you! i love it! :) i def would not want to take it off if i had it too ;)


Kat said...

i love your pants!! so amazing! :)

Meagan said...

I love those high-waisted riding pants. They look great on you!

EvA said...

Your outfit is fantastic! High waisted pants is so good on you!

Anna Bonfiglio said...

I love it!
I made a new post on my blog.. I attend your comment!


oomph. said...

nice...looks so crisp with the white shirt.

6roove said...

I love your nailpolish!

kisses :))

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