Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oh, Please.

I wore this to school on Friday, I have my first exam next week so I have been busy revising. Absolutely dreading it.

Wearing my new Topshop cape in this outfit post. It's definitely my new favourite item of clothing.
The photos I took didn’t come out very well, this is the best out of a bad bunch :| My camera has not been behaving recently, I am not impressed.

Topshop Milano Cape
Primark Colour Block skirt
Vintage Blouse
Tesco Thigh High Socks and Brogues
ASOS Armour Ring



Nail varnish this week:
Chanel, Vendetta
As much as I love this chanel nail polish, it chips SO easily :|

This is my new Topshop cape, bought it for £16 which I am quite happy with!

It was my friend's birthday on Thursday, how yummy do these cakes look?

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BbyAngel said...

I love your skirt!
Nice outfit!


I love your skirt....

Jessica said...

Great outfit :)

Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

Really love this outfit :) The cape for £16 is SUCH a great find! :) Shame that the nail polish chips... I love the colour :)

Love, Vanilla

Chiara L said...

Thank you for following dear :)
I'm following you too!
Greetings from Italy

apple said...

The colour of that cape is lovely... And the colour block skirt does not look like primark! Could have fooled me!

Aby ♥ said...

That cape is beautiful!
Shame it's all gone in my local topshop and for £16 its a steal.
Exams are killing me as well :/ :(
I'll be MIA soon

Andreea said...

You look adorable in this outfit! Love your skirt and the cape is awesome!

♥ Kisses ♥

Lowri said...

I really love your outfit! especially the cape! beautiful...

and yes chanel nail polish is so awful! for the price you'd think it would last a bit longer. (but the colours are always amazing)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is such an adorable outfit! Your skirt is so elegant and that cape is FABULOUS! :)

Meagan said...

What a great skirt!

Mia said...

This is lovely, the cape is so nice x

This Charming Style said...

That cape is wonderful, i love the colour. Such a great buy!

Kat said...

wow! amazing cape!!! such a gorgeous color :)

Hen said...

Cute outfit!
Thanks for following, I like your style so I've followed back :)
Teenage Daydreams

Victoria said...

Cute outfit, love the cape and LOVE the OTK socks wth the high waist skirt combo. Good luck with your exam doll! xxx

Shasie said...

Fun cape jacket! They always make me think of Harry Potter

Live Life in Style

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