Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Capes and windy weather. (+ American Apparel Sale)

Sorry for the gap in posting, life has been so hectic recently.
The weather is getting colder, and I still haven't got a winter coat yet :S So I've just been wearing my cape and trench coats, which of course don't keep me warm at all! I need to buy a coat ASAP. (or I suppose I could just wear last years one...)

Those of you are who are massive American Apparel fans (like myself) would of heard about the Flea Market sale they had in Brick Lane. I went twice and picked up some stuff, unfortunately I couldn't find any disco pants or fishermen jumpers (boo!) :( But I got a Chambray Full Woven Skirt in Blue, Sleeveless Lawn Tee in White (I was very happy about finding this) and two Jacquard Lace Tees in Creme and Black.

Topshop Cape
Topshop Parisian Dress
Topshop Scarf
Office Boots
New Look Bag


Also, my nails this week
Purple with Gold tips

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chunky Knitwear

In love with all things knitwear right now, and as the weather is getting cooler its the perfect time to stock up!
At the moment in search for a Winter coat, yes, I know I've left it a bit late. I've got my eye on a certain Motel burgandy fur trim coat. But because I'm so short I'm worried about the length, how frustrating is it that clothes online don't state the length of them! Ha!
And also I LOVE this motel skirt!

To be fair, I'm wearing a pretty simple outfit. I just really wanted to update the blog :)




Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Indian Summer

Apologies about the massive gap between my posts, I'm just getting settled into uni and stuff and I am super busy!
How crazy is this weather!? I love it, but i'm also hating it because I bought loads of knitwear and autumn wear and I really want to wear it!!

Here are my new Miss Selfridge shorts, I absoulutely adore these shorts because they have little leather details on the pockets and I just fell in love when I saw them.
I also saw that they were featured in the Look Magazine Show here, but I really hate the way they were styled. Hopefully I've done them justice here!

Apologies for the sweatiness of this photo, ahaha.


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