Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Last day of November

Meh, another late post. Apologies, I meant to post this weeks ago but I've been so busy just haven't got round to it.
Here I'm really my new Topshop boots which I am in love with :D
and also, hello new followers! 


Asos collar chain
Zara colour trousers
Chiffon Blouse
Topshop Boots



New Chanel purchase, Peridot. This colour is amazing, from different angles it looks like a green shade, but then from another angle looks gold!

Also, if you're living in London go check out the Dazed and Confused exhibition at Somerset House it's really good!

8 lovely comments:

Jessica said...

Lovely outfit the boots are GREAT!

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sarah marie said...

cute boots great polish!!

onionchan said...

wow I want that color that looks great!

Shasie said...

Oooh love the color of that nailpolish and the sheer top. Cool graphic with the map showing where I'm commenting from!
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finethenbelikethat said...

I absolutely love this outfit! You look so good! :)

Gray Lavender said...

Amazing boots & your nail polish is so pretty! :D

Olivia x said...

Love the outfit! :)

Olivia x said...

Love the outfit! :) ^^ sorry for the typo above :)

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