Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goodbye my friend, It's not the end.

Note: This outfit is from Friday 27th May
Friday was my last day at my school. I've now officially finished Year 13 and I no longer go to school!
I've got mixed emotions on how I feel, on one hand I'm really happy that I've left school and I never have to go back and on the other hand I am really upset. Over the past 7 years I've met so many great people and it really upsets me that I'll probably never see some of them again :( 
Love you guys!

Nevertheless, here are some photos of Friday and my outfit :)

Republic sheer maxi skirt
H&M breton top
ASOS cross ring
Tunisia ring
New Look satchel
ASOS necklace






Some photos from my last day :')

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I heard you.

So I have 3 days until I finish school FOREVER
I never have to go back ever again and I am so excited for University and all things un-school related ha!

So this is what I wore today, I haven't worn this maxi dress in ages (I am honestly suprised it still fits) but luckily it did.

oh, and welcome to my new followers :) thank you for following!

WHAT I'M WEARING: maxi dress
ASOS wedges
h&m aviator mens sunglasses
ASOS necklace pendent 
newlook satchel

ASOS and Primark

Nails this week:
Channel --Vendetta
Nails inc-- Jermyn street

Over the weekend I got seriously bored, and so I decided to cover a wall in my bedroom with magazine pages :)
I haven't finished, but this is what it looks like so far.

When my mum first saw it she was like 'oh my gosh, what have you done!' haha :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Just walk away.

I apologise for the photos. 
The conservatory is getting decorated so I can't take photos there, and the weather today was really overcast so the photos turned out really dark :(
So I had to take photos in my bedroom.
Now that my Art exams are over, my easel acts as a stand for all my Jlo and Jennifer Aniston posters. 
Haha, I am not ashamed! I love them both.

Other news, I have 7 DAYS left at school. Then that's it!! I'm done!
I am so excited it's unreal. University here I come!.... well after exams etc.

I had my first exam yesterday (geography) and I have 6 more to go!
...oh, and welcome to my new followers :) thank you for following

H&M striped top
Zara pleated skirt
American Apparel
ASOS neckalce

just excuse the casual posters of Jlo and 'Janiston' lurking in the background.

Okay, so I am in love with my American Apparel tights :)

My rings today:
ASOS cross ring
Ring I bought from Tunisia

My nails this week

Here are some of my most recent buys :)

Republic Sheer Maxi skirt
-I've wanted one for ages!

Ebay Lace Collar Blouse

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oh, Please.

I wore this to school on Friday, I have my first exam next week so I have been busy revising. Absolutely dreading it.

Wearing my new Topshop cape in this outfit post. It's definitely my new favourite item of clothing.
The photos I took didn’t come out very well, this is the best out of a bad bunch :| My camera has not been behaving recently, I am not impressed.

Topshop Milano Cape
Primark Colour Block skirt
Vintage Blouse
Tesco Thigh High Socks and Brogues
ASOS Armour Ring



Nail varnish this week:
Chanel, Vendetta
As much as I love this chanel nail polish, it chips SO easily :|

This is my new Topshop cape, bought it for £16 which I am quite happy with!

It was my friend's birthday on Thursday, how yummy do these cakes look?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Keep searching.

Casual outfit for today.
I'm actually loving the British weather right now! I was able to wear these shorts (which are very short shorts) without feeling the slightest bit cold :)
Annnd, I re-did my hair :) the braids are a lot longer than before!

Gahhh, revision is killing me. Hate A-Levels, but by the end of June I'll be free!! :) Can't wait!

H&M pleated top
American Apparel corduroy high-waisted shorts
Tesco brogues
Vintage shoulder bag


This weeks nails
Rimmel London
-730 silver bullet

I was suprised at how silvery it came out :)
next time I'm going to put a matte coat over it to see what it looks like!
The rings:

ASDA double finger feather ring, £1

ASOS colour block ring, £4.50

Monday, 2 May 2011

All that I dream about

Hi everybody,

Here I am wearing my new Henry Holland lace panel tights (I can't get over how ridiculously crazy these tights look) with my new ASOS crop top. Now this crop top is SO cool, it’s short at the top and long at the bottom.

Although it’s a very interesting design it can make it very hard to style as only a certain number of things look good with it.

I went on a bit of a shopping frenzy on ebay yesterday and bought a vintage white lace blouse with a really cute peter pan collar. I also bought a floral pleated skirt which I am super excited for. I’ve decided that my tops to skirt ratio in my wardrobe is far too low so I plan to buy some more blouses off ebay over the next couple of days or so :)

This weeks Nail Varnish, I went a bit crazy! haha!

My rings,
ASOS armour ring (this one is new) and Primark bird ring