Monday, 19 March 2012

Berry and White Love

Inspired by hearts this week, ha!
I'm actually IN LOVE with the 
'Raspberry' Barry M nail polish I used here!

And here's a recent purchase of mine:
AA Disco Pants.

I've been meaning to buy these for a while and I have to say, 
it's definitely a fantastic purchase. 
 They are SO comfy :)
If in doubt, buy the next size down!
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Friday, 9 March 2012

JC Litas.

Isn't time flying! I cannot believe it is already March! 

I recently purchased my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas.
I got them in Pony Fur Wine, I was originally going to get them in black but I was worried they'd look too clumpy on me as I am quite short and small.
I was so excited when they came, they were everything I could of hoped for!
They are not as high as I was expecting and thanks to the mammoth platform at the front they are super easy to walk in, I reckon I could even run in them!
They are really comfortable, I've worn them out now on several occasions and they haven't caused me any discomfort!
I'm definitely going to buy another pair next month :D

These are the pair I have:

They look a bit worn because I've worn them out so many times :)