Sunday, 29 July 2012

Who wouldn`t want to be a princess?

American Apparel in-store have a nail polish sale, definitely go check it out!
Some of the polishes are £3.50 and a couple are £1!! So go stock up!

Went for a girly design, think fairytales and princesses :D

(L)American Apparel- Butter
(R)American Apparel- L'Espirt 

I put a little bit of glitter on the tips

If you live in London, DEFINITELY go take a trip to Westfield-Stratford. 
Go to the Kiko store, all nail polishes are £1.50 
They have all the colours of the rainbow!
And their polishes are good quality as well.

Literally in heaven

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Van Gogh inspired nails

I was feeling incredibly artistic and decided to create a little masterpiece on my nails... as you do.

Using inspiration from: 

Step1: Dark Blue base coat

Step2: Using a nail brush paint white wispy clouds
Step3: Then use light blue on top of the clouds

Step4: Create stars using yellow nail polish

Step5: Using black nail polish, paint the castle in the foreground.

Ta-da! Finished piece!
Haha, I spend so much time on my nails, but they're super pretty to look at, no?

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Green with envy.

Currently loving green shades, still on the hunt for a perfect forest green colour.
A quick and simple mani using two shades of one colour.

Colours used:
Essie: Absolutely Shore
Essie: Going Incognito


Monday, 2 July 2012

Striped aztec nails

Now, you all know I love a good set of Aztec nails. 
Here's a simple design I did.

Step1: Base colour (china glaze, white on white)

Step2: Lighter blue stripes

Step3: Add the dark two blue stripes

Step4: Using a black nail pen, draw an Aztec inspired pattern 

Finished piece