Sunday, 5 August 2012

OJ Nails. American Apparel Neon Review

Ever since the AA Neon polishes came out I've been meaning to buy them. 
I went into AA the other day and saw the orange one on sale for £3.50 so I just had to buy it, haha. SOML.

Now, I'm going to completely honest here. I usually love loud nail polishes and I'm not scared of trying out garish designs. But the American Apparel neon polish was slightly over-powering for me. It was crazy bright!! Having said that, I really want to get the yellow and purple one as I think they'd be quite pretty together with a gradient tone.

Easy to apply, took about 2 coats.
Lasts about 4-5 days easily
Easy application, not streaky

They are crazy bright, almost glow in the dark!
Prepare for the distraction! Haha
They did take a while to dry, which was quite frustrating

Take a look at the other neon colours American Apparel has to offer!

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Han-omi said...

The orange looks awesome, def. not too garish :)

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